Prva ZARA Beauty kolekcija ekskluzivno u Galeriji Belgrade

Galerija Belgrade is an exclusive host to one of the latest world sensations, therefore, as of May 13th, all visitors have an opportunity to try on products from the first inclusive Zara Beauty Collection for the first time.

Diane Kendal, the legendary British makeup artist, and Eva Lopez, the head of Zara Beauty, created this unprecedented collection for eyes, lips, nails and face under the motto ‘There is no beauty, just beauties’.

All products are made of pure formulas and high-quality natural ingredients, available in 130 different colors. Zara has once again proved its care for the environment, since all bottles and packaging from the latest collection are entirely refillable and reusable, after being used up.

“I am really proud of what we have created: an expansive array of consciously unique formulas for eyes, lips, face, and nails’’, said Diane Kendal.

In addition to beauty products, Zara Beauty collection also consists of makeup accessories, including six different makeup brushes.  As part of the lip collection, in addition to lipsticks, there is also a color balm, nourishing jelly and a velvety lip gloss with pigment. The eye collection includes color palettes of eye shadows, metallic foil powder, as well as eyeliner, while for the face you will find blush available in nine colors, bronzer and highlighter. Nail polishes made from natural ingredients excel in durability.

Zara in Galerija Belgrade has a unique style, given that it has been stylized by the latest, most modern ‘’soft’’ concept that can be experienced exclusively in Zara boutiques in London, Dubai and Barcelona. In addition to the ‘’Beauty’’ collection and a new shopping experience, you can also enjoy the latest spring/summer collection.

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