Čuveno pitanje „Gde mi je auto?“ odlazi u prošlost!

Visitors to Galerija Belgrade don’t have to memorize where they have parked the car, because the electronic system "Find My Car" does it instead. Although Galerija has as many as 3,600 places for four-wheelers, there is no need for endless wandering around the garage, taking photos of parking space or arguing who should remember where the car is.

How does the system work?

All Galerija Belgrade app users can find their car in just a couple of seconds. It is enough to enter a few numbers from the license plate in the "Parking" section, and the app will show at what level and in which position the car is located. You can also find your parking space through the touch screen panels placed at all entrances to the mall from the parking lot. Type in your plate number and you will see the position of the vehicle on the screen, as well as arrows providing directions on the fastest way to get to your vehicle.

Galerija is the only local shopping mall that saves its visitors’ time in this way and allows them to quickly reach their car after shopping and entertainment. The innovative car locating system is just one of the advantages of Galerija Belgrade app. It returns the money spent in this mall through the points you collect by scanning the receipts, and you can use these points for future purchases. Additionally, each visit to Galerija is rewarded with the special surprise hidden behind the "Scratch & Win" e-coupon. You have the possibility to progress through the tiers, which opens up new, even greater benefits for app users, such as monthly rewards or invitation to exclusive events.