Najbolja mesta za zdrav obrok u Galeriji

Our organism is a complex "machinery" that needs fuel to function. Some take this into account more than others, choose each meal with meticulous care, and do not want to fall out of healthy habits even when eating out.


However, it is not always easy for “foodies” to find restaurants whose menu meets their high standards. If you fall into this category or just want to try something healthy, we suggest you visit the following places in Galerija.


If you love greens on your plate, you'll adore Love Greens. This restaurant, located on the second floor, offers about fifteen meal salads that contain everything a well-balanced, nutritionally rich meal should have. Salmon, Quinoa Bacon Pesto, Winter Raw vegan... there is a good chance that you will find a combination on the menu that suits your taste. Otherwise, let your imagination run wild because the concept of the restaurant is such that you can make a meal yourself from the offered ingredients. A recipe that hits the spot has two base ingredients, plus a premium ingredient and dressing which you can combine as you please.. Here, you can indulge in treats like cheesecake with matcha tea and chocolate mousse with avocado without a guilty conscience. Love Greens is the drink of the house and quite expectedly a real detox “bomb” made of cucumber, green apple, ginger, lemon, and celery.


When someone jokingly tells you that no one gets full from a healthy meal, take them to the Jucy Lucy restaurant located in the Food Hall on the second floor of Galerija, across from the cinema. Their trademark is 40 cm sandwiches that defeat any hunger. Marinated steak, chicken, or prosciutto with specially selected salads, in protein or white buns, will make you forget all the sandwiches you've tried so far. If you're not that hungry, try their small hedonistic bites, treats, and smoothies created for people who value their time and health. Freshly squeezed juice or a cup of quality coffee will help to charge your batteries.


During a shopping break or before the cinema, you can refresh yourself without a guilty conscience, because in Galerija you eat healthily and break the prejudice that healthy is not tasty. The working hours of both restaurants are every day from 10 AM to 10 PM.

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