Ukusi Italije u Galeriji

When in Rome, act like the Romans, says an old Latin proverb. But when you want authentic Italian food, and the "boot" is far away, you can also enjoy it like a real Italian on the Sava Promenada. We bring you a short guide through the restaurants in the Galerija where you can try the best kinds of pasta, pizzas, and other traditional dishes of one of the world's most popular cuisines.


In the Apennines, each region has its typical recipes and specialties, and they all have in common that they take care of the order of serving. Primo piatto, or first plate, consists of dishes based on starchy foods. These are pasta, soup or rice, or polenta in the northern parts of the country. At the La Cucina restaurant, start with linguine with anchovies or minestrone, a soup with 14 types of vegetables and veal. For secondo piatto, we suggest osso buco, one of the unsurpassed Italian specialties. It is a veal shank stewed with vegetables in white wine. Enjoy the flavors and the view of the river in an impressive interior where every piece of decor has been carefully selected. There is no better way to start your authentic flirtation with Italy than here.

Good food, quality wine, aromatic coffee, the finest cakes... It's no wonder why dolce vita is the favorite recipe for living for many. Whether you're up for an intimate dinner in an elegant setting or want to impress important clients by taking them out for great food with world-class service, welcome to Cotto. Grilled cheese with the smell of arugula on sun-dried tomatoes can be a great start to the working day, and pasta carbonara is a light lunch. Lovers of creamy sweets will find a completely irresistible combination of coffee, cocoa, and creamy filling provided by the famous Italian dessert tiramisu. In addition to excellent food and wine, on Fridays and Saturdays, phenomenal entertainment with live music awaits you at this place.

Although pizza and pasta with various toppings are associated with Italian cuisine, it is much more complex and interesting. At the Giulia restaurant, explore the succulent cuisine of the Veneto region, combining the intense red wines with the sharpness of the whites for which the region is famous. After all, this is where prosecco and pinot grigio come from. The chef's trademark is handmade, juicy, and fresh ravioli filled with beef tail served with a delicious carrot and eggplant cream. Be sure to try the traditional risotto with truffles and real gelato. The interior of this restaurant will enchant you as much as the food. A little refined, a little chic, it is enriched with pieces of furniture that faithfully reflect the hedonism and refinement of the Veneto.

Whether it’s tagliatelle or spaghetti, tortellini or fusilli, the average Italian eats 23 kilogram of pasta per year, while the rest of the worlds eats 7.7 kilogram. It's not without reason that life is too short to eat bad pasta. If you haven't tried the Parmesan roll yet, stop by Ristorante Italiano Da Pippo.


Those dishes are prepared directly in front of you by chefs from a variety of parts of Italy, who, after honing their craft around the world, have brought the phenomenal flavors of the Apennines to the banks of the Sava. In a typically Italian setting that evokes narrow streets with laundry spread out on the lines, taste the prawns as they are made in Sicily, and don't forget to leave room for dessert. Profiteroles with dark and white chocolate will leave you breathless.


All that remains is to say buon appetito. Toast with a glass of wine and enjoy as only Italians know how!

Povezane radnje


Italijanski začin za srce promenade Beograda na vodi. Giulia pleni ambijentom u kom se elegancija i stil ukrštaju sa posvećenošću i ljubavlju prema vrhunskoj italijanskoj hrani. Osnovu menija čine lokalni ukusi regije Veneto, ali i sva bogatstva čitave južne Italije, stvarajući jednostavnost koja opija svakim zalogajem. I izbor vina oslikava bogate ukuse Veneta, kombinujući intenzivna crvena vina sa oštrinom belih, po kojima je ova regija čuvena. Ukratko – savršen recept za veličanstveno iskustvo.

La cucina

Autentična italijanska kuhinja i šop italijanskih proizvoda.


Cotto služi poznatu italijansku kuhinju.

Ristorante Italiano Da Pippo

Duh Italije na prvom spratu. Uživajte u vrhunskim italijanskim specijalitetima spremljenim od strane kuvara sa Sicilije, širokom izboru vina i koktela, kao i u opuštajućem ambijentu sa pogledom na reku.