Slatka tura: Ovde ćete pronaći najbolje slatkiše u Galeriji

Evolution has programmed our brains to like sweets because they are an excellent energy source. When sugar touches our tongue, the reward system in the brain is activated - dopamine is released, which makes us want to eat more pastry, more cakes, and more chocolate. Feel free to refer to chemistry, biology, and evolution the next time you're told you're overindulging in sweets. In the end, you don't need excuses or justifications. Sweets are that always readily available luxury, one of those little things that have the power to brighten up our day in an instant.

In Galerija, you will see that they are good cakes and ice creams, and more than that - let's say they are a kind of artwork that overwhelms all the senses.

Anyone who loves ice cream passionately should visit the Serbian chain of pastry shops Cafe Gram. It is a specialty gelateria where very special ice treats are created. Unlike usual ice creams, Gram ice creams are created based on sweet cream, pure fruit, Belgian and French chocolate, bronte pistachios, hazelnuts from the south of Italy, vanilla from Madagascar, and similar ingredients that bring us the unique tastes of distant terroirs. It is interesting that the cones are also homemade, made from butter, eggs, flour, sugar, milk, and vanilla, with the addition of vegan natural colors. And the other treats are pure hedonism. Take the little ones for a macaron shake and watch them explore each layer with a smile.

True ice cream lovers will never stop at a few favorite varieties when they know there are so many creative combinations yet to be explored. Imagine a juicy bite of cool, refreshing fruit that's unbelievably delicious. LUFF is where they packed that idea into pear gelato with dark chocolate chips and walnuts. It is so light that it will not affect your waistline or your conscience. You can only regret it if you ordered a smaller cup. The legendary LUFF pistachio gelato has also received its “vegetarian” version so that those who fast, eat vegan, or have an intolerance to cow's milk can also enjoy the top-quality, hand-made ice cream.

Did you know that the unique Poppy cake, made according to an old Austro-Hungarian recipe of poppy seeds, homemade raspberry jam, and white chocolate, can only be found at Lola Cafe? If you prefer something very chocolatey, brownies with vanilla ice cream are a must-try. You'll find it can fix any Monday or gloomy rainy afternoon.

And when you want real princess doughnuts, stop by the Princess Puff stand. Their specialty is this creamy airy treat, for which they come up with special fillings with a lot of love and attention. One of the guests' favorites is the filling with white chocolate and hazelnut paste, which is made especially for this puff. Every puffy is decorated with Belgian chocolate discs of the highest quality, and the one with champagne and pomegranates has edible gold.

Sweeten the day after a good shopping spree or before the cinema and experience love at first bite in Galerija. The working hours of these pastry shops are every day from 10 AM to 10 PM.

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