Započnite dan uz najukusniji doručak

Sweet or salty? Traditional or modern? Hearty or minimalist? Whatever you choose, one thing is sure - in the Galerija, your first meal of the day will be as the famous proverb says: "Have breakfast like a king..."


It's nice when the morning smells of old, well-known tastes. In moments when you want home cooking and breakfast that your moms and grandmas used to prepare, stop by Kolo for cookies and soft drinks. This is also the right place to impress guests from abroad with a traditional Serbian breakfast that will take you on a gastronomic journey around Serbia. Order the Meze Kolo with two types of prosciuttos, Sremac kulen sausage, smoked neck, and Mangalitsa bacon, or a selection of old cheeses that brings to the plate Pirot cheese, the famous cheese from Sjenica, sheep's goat cheese with pepper or truffles... With a glass of quality, drinkable brandy, and toast, this is what the beginning of an unforgettable weekend can look like, before shopping or adventures by the river.

It is known that breakfast is a metabolism booster and that it has a positive effect on health, concentration, and memory, but it also matters where you eat it. Bottega restaurant unites excellent cuisine with decorative works of art in its authentic and unique interior but rest assured, their pizza is also a work of art. Thanks to the slow processing of Caputo flour, produced in Naples, the cereal retains all its nutritional value. The art of mixing gives a dough with airy edges, which becomes crispy on the outside and soft on the inside when baked. When traditional San Marzano tomatoes and sweet Fior di latte mozzarella are added on top, the flavors of Italy will overwhelm all taste receptors.


Butter croissants are a great and light breakfast that goes well with a cup of premium coffee - just enough for a perfect morning. Try them the Cross way, with the finest creamy filling. For lovers of a hearty breakfast, there is a morning pan with scrambled eggs, Njeguški prosciutto, cracklings, and tomatoes. A cake for breakfast probably wouldn't be recommended by any nutritionist, but if you're one of those people who can't do without sweets in their morning coffee, Cross offers a real explosion of pleasure of light mascarpone cheese cream with pistachio and white chocolate topping, on a crispy plasma base. When every detail is in place...the day can begin!

Omelette Prepotenza, which awaits you at the Avenia restaurant with a view of the river, sounds like a real royal start to the morning. This delicacy with dried tomatoes and goat cheese will provide you with an ideal dose of morning energy and zest for the new day. If you have a day full of exhausting duties ahead of you, and lunch is far on the horizon, opt for something "stronger" - for example, the French secret, a specialty based on fried smoked cheese with hollandaise sauce and gherkins.


If you are a fan of beautifully arranged food, Momi is the right place for you. Try the poached egg yolk in cream cheese with homemade bacon and crackers, and when you come as a couple, share the French delight. Also, a sandwich with turkey and spicy Mexican salsa will keep you full for a long time. For anyone who would like to skip the heavy flavors in the morning, there is an imaginative oatmeal with fruit that will give you the right kind of energy if you are going to the gym after breakfast. For an extra dose of energy, order a coffee, and some of the refreshing pressed mixes and enjoy the view of the river from the phenomenal garden which is always pleasant.


After the most important, "royal" meal in the Galerija, don't miss the opportunity to bask in the glory of the morning at least for a moment, and burn a few calories during a relaxing walk along the Sava Promenada - there is no better way to start the day.

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