Ekskluzivno: Pedro del Hierro Woman od sada u Galeriji.

Pedro del Hierro je španski modni brend sa dugom tradicijom stvaranja visoke mode. Kreiran od strane istoimenog španskog dizajnera 1974. Brend se ekskluzivno pridružio Grupi Cortefiel 1989. u čijem je vlasništvu od 1992.

Pedro del Hierro Woman the new exclusive opening in Belgrade (Galerija Belgrade Shopping Mall, Bulevar Vudro Vilsona 14). 

Pedro del Hierro is a Spanish fashion company that has a long tradition for creating haute couture in the country. Created by the Spanish designer of the same name in 1974, the Brand joined exclusively to Cortefiel Group in 1989 and is owned by the Group since 1992. 

True to its values of style, elegance, and quality, it carefully combines the use of color and delicate fabrics, with exclusive and unique designs, offering an affordable luxury to clients. Embracing Spanish heritage, art, and architecture, it blends tradition with innovation, crafting versatile silhouettes perfect for special occasions, business, cosmopolitan or casual outings.


Each piece, meticulously tailored with super 120s Italian fabrics, showcases Pedro del Hierro Woman's commitment to excellence. The collection, including outerwear, furs, dresses, blouses, pants, and shirts, is complemented by exquisite Made in Spain accessories, reflecting timeless designs with a contemporary twist. The iconic PdH logo serves as a symbol of distinction, setting the brand apart in the global fashion arena. 

With a presence in 36 countries and a celebrated appearance at MBFW New York, Pedro del Hierro Woman epitomizes sophistication and authenticity. As the brand's founder beautifully expressed, "My designs are always a form of expression that help you find the best qualities of yourself." Discover the essence of self-expression with Pedro del Hierro Woman.

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