Everyday grocery shopping is an ordinary routine - we equip ourselves with bags, we bring a list of things we need to buy and we try to go through this part of the day as efficiently as possible. We look at the products while walking between the aisles, we cross things off the list, of course we also buy something that was not planned and we return home from another ordinary grocery purchase. But what if this purchase could be not only an everyday task, but also a special pleasure?

Imagine going to the big MAXI where you can find everything- from the finest delicacies to toiletries, sweets and drinks, but where you can also take a nice quality coffee break or try the best selection of cheeses, wine and chocolate?

We are pleased to present you a new concept offered by MAXI Galerija Belgrade. This is where ordinary grocery shopping turns into a tasting of the best cheeses, the sweetest chocolates and wines that will delight even the most demanding of buyers. Because why not make every day special?

There is a wine cellar with the largest offer of quality domestic and foreign wines, the tasting of which is not only a possibility, but also an obligation of true hedonists! You have guests from France who were born with refined taste? No problem, the sommelier will recommend you a wine that even they won't be able to criticize! If wine is "Yin", what is "Yang"? Cheese, of course! The House of Cheese offers the most beautiful tastes and a selection of domestic and foreign cheeses to all true gourmands and lovers of delicacies.

The quality of fresh categories, broad assortment of healthy food and top-notch services remain on the highest level, one by which MAXI supermarkets are known for.

After the grocery shopping filled with enjoyment for all the senses, you can sit in the Cafeteria within this unique MAXI supermarket, drinking your favorite mocha or cappuccino, checking your emails, waiting for the family to gather or simply just enjoying the moment.

This is one MAXI experience you do not wish to miss out on.

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