Love is in the air: Ovo su favoriti naših influensera za poklone za Dan zaljubljenih

Ljubav je privilegija je koju treba slaviti svakog dana, ne čekajući neki specijalan povod.

Love is a privilege that should be celebrated every day, without waiting for a special occasion. However, there are also those very special moments like Valentine's Day, when we want to let our loved one know that he or she is the part of the puzzle that makes the perfect whole. A well-chosen gift can be the real spice for love, which will make you smile and butterflies play in your stomach.

If you're still thinking about what it could be, with the help of our influencers we've prepared a short guide that can serve as inspiration for your shopping list.

We walked through Galerija with influencer Mila Vujisic, better known as milas_homemade_, and two well-known couples from social networks – Adriana and Sava Dzehverovic and tiktokers Vuk and Aleksandra – and here's what they would make their loved one happy for Valentine's Day.

Adriana and Sava Dzehverovic

The married couple behind the Instagram profile nobasicfamily got a daughter last year, who is now a frequent companion on their travels. Although Dorotea is their main preoccupation, they still do not forget to make each other happy with gifts from time to time, and since they know each other intimately – it is not difficult for them to decide. Sava always chooses perfume or jewelry for Valentine's Day. At Belodore Perfumery, he didn't have much hesitation in choosing a perfume, but it was already a little more difficult with jewelry. The shortlist included Tutti Frutti earrings with recognizable multi-colored stones, a Burato ring from the S&L Jokic jewelry store, and a beautiful necklace from the Innocent Diamond store with a star-shaped diamond pendant. Flowers go without saying, and not just any kind. For the woman of his life, he would choose a heart-shaped arrangement with 101 red roses.

Adriana likes to smell the famous Aqua di Parma perfume from Belodore Perfumery on her man. When it comes to watches, which are Sava's favorite fashion detail, she would add two pieces to the collection: Daniel Wellington from the Watch store with a gold-colored bracelet and an emerald green background, and one casual variant - the BIG BOLD model from Swatch. As a detail for special occasions, he chooses Emporio Armani gold cufflinks from BPM and a Brosway ring from the jewelry store S&L Jokic.

Vuk and Aleksandra

One of the most famous couples on the domestic TikTok scene wins over followers with their hilarious transformations. He is an MMA fighter and she is a gamer, so even though they have been together for a long time, Valentine's Day gifts are always chosen with special care. This time, Vuk put a Kiko Milano makeup set and a LUSH cosmetics set in a special package for lovers on the list of favorites. In the Andrejevic jewelry store, a chain with a pendant in the shape of two joined hearts caught his attention, although he says that a personalized necklace with a diamond from Innocent Diamond is just as effective. Although Valentine's Day is all about the color red, Vuk chose a watch in a delicate pink shade at the S&L Jokic jewelry store.

Aleksandra found an elegant collector's box in the Watch store, which is the right choice for men who love watches and jewelry. She would immediately put on a G-Shock watch from the jewelry store S&L Jokic with a black bracelet and gold dial in it, not only because it goes well with the box, but also because it can be worn with many outfits. It was a little more difficult for her to decide in the "scented" shops, but in the end she chose three favorites: L'Occitane mini cosmetics set that can also be used as a travel package, Kiehl's men's face cream and Dolce&Gabana set.

Mila Vujisic

The well-known lifestyle influencer shares delicious recipes and travel experiences with her followers every day. At Galerija, she had the task of choosing a gift proposal for both sexes and opted mainly for jewelry as a gift of more lasting value. In the Innocent Diamond store, a ring with a chain structure from the Limitless collection caught her eye - a true symbol of boundless love. For a girl who loves the classic beauty of Pandora jewelry, she chose a gold-colored cord bracelet, and for a man who boldly wears jewelry, the Brosway bracelet from the S&L  Jokic jewelry store is a great choice. At the C'est Moi store, she couldn't resist the gold initial earrings. In her case, it is the letter M, and you choose the one that corresponds to the name of your loved one. Mila would delight lovers of handmade cosmetics with a real love bomb - a set of handmade soaps and Bombs baths by Lavash.

We hope these suggestions make your search for a gift that says "I love you" easier. So hurry to Galerija, because every gift in a couple is even sweeter there. If you buy jewelry, watches, perfume or flowers in the amount of RSD 6,000 or more in the period from February 5 to 14, scan the receipt in the Galerija application and we will reward you with a coupon for dessert for two in designated restaurants or pastry shops.

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