The luxury brand portfolio store MiaMaya Gold in Galerija is richer for three fashion icons – Celine, Dior and Jacquemus, confirming that Galerija is the center of high fashion in the region. Prestigious names of French fashion design bring a touch of luxury and extravagance to the streets of Belgrade, which until now were reserved only for the world’s elite metropolises.


Celine is a luxury French brand with a tradition of more than eight decades, which has undergone numerous changes during that long journey, but has managed to maintain its identity and remain the object of desire for all serious fashion fans. The founder of the brand, after which the brand itself is named, Celine Vipiana, at the beginning only made made-to-measure children's shoes for the youngest residents of Paris, but after the dizzying success, she decided to dedicate her brand to women's fashion as well. Her goal was for Celine to be a brand that provides women with timeless quality and functional fashion pieces, in which she undoubtedly succeeded. At the head of this renowned fashion house, famous creative directors such as Michael Kors, Phoebe Filo and Hedi Slimane, who is still the creative director of Celine today, known for introducing the brand's new logo and turning Celine's recognition as a tonally neutral luxury brand, took turns to an edgy youthful brand, which has become the object of desire of the world's trendsetters. This fashion house released the most desirable fashion pieces, especially in the field of accessories, such as the famous handbags Boogie, Poulbot, Trapez, Classic and Cabas. Thanks to all this, Celine is one of the most desirable brands today.


Dior is a French fashion house founded in 1946 by Christian Dior in Paris. From the first collection back in 1947, known for the launch of the so-called with a new look, that is, a silhouette characterized by a small, cut-in waist and a full skirt that fell below the middle of the body, emphasizing the breasts and hips, Dior became the favorite brand of Hollywood actresses and European aristocratic ladies. Dior's legacy is vast and will undoubtedly leave a deep mark on fashion history, but what he will forever be remembered for is that he made a historic breakthrough by making the fashion scene accessible to a wide range of consumers. After his death, the leadership of the company was taken over by the talented Yves Saint Laurent, who was synonymous with the name Dior until he left the company. Dior is an iconic brand that will forever be a celebrity ambassador and continues to inspire today's designers and dictate the contemporary fashion scene by glorifying feminine beauty. Dior has forged strong partnerships with Hollywood celebrities and influencers, working closely with contemporary style icons such as actresses Jennifer Lawrence and Lupita Nyong'o and singer Rihanna.


Founded by Simon Port Jacquemus in 2009, Jacquemus is a brand that first attracted the attention of the Parisian fashion elite, and later the entire world. This label has conquered the world of fashion, considered by many to be the brightest star among the new French fashion houses. She flawlessly combines sensual minimalism with youthful freshness and playfulness. With no formal fashion education, designer Jacquemis became one of the youngest ever to appear at Paris Fashion Week. Inspired by his roots in the south of France, he conveys the romantic story of folklore and art from the French coast in each collection. Each runway show is very personal, designed to tell his life story. Its design is unmistakably stylish, showing off the female body in the most flattering way while still maintaining its commercial appeal and most important of all: wearability. It's a French concept with a very contemporary and playful twist, which clashes with much of traditional luxury and classic Parisian brands that have historically expressed themselves in a much more austere way. Jacquemus playfully experiments and is able to create real accessibility without losing a luxurious look.


By bringing three iconic brands, MiaMaya Gold becomes the top choice for local connoisseurs of high fashion, who will be able to find unique fashion pieces in a wonderful environment and experience luxury shopping in their own city.

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