We often imagine ourselves in a quiet place in nature, where we can spend some of the most beautiful moments together with our family and friends. By presenting Skywalk, the largest green roof in Serbia and the region, Galerija Belgrade gave all fellow citizens and visitors of the capital a new, urban place to hang out, where you will be able to enjoy in the best chill zone in the city.

As much as 60 percent of the roof of the biggest regional shopping mall will be covered in greenery, and a pedestrian bridge on level three connects the shopping centre with the amazing Kula Beograd, the tallest building in Serbia. This fascinating building will surely become a new symbol of Belgrade, and in addition to the various content, it will also offer a phenomenal view of the city and its surroundings. In mere minutes, it will be possible to enter the Galerija Belgrade, the most desirable destination for entertainment and shopping. One more pedestrian roof, on top of the Galerija, will also enable customers to move directly from one side of the shopping centre to the other, which further facilitates movement through the already spacious Galerija Belgrade.

So do not hesitate - if you decide to rest and have a good time after a stressful day, the roof of the Galerija Belgrade is the right place for you. In addition to providing an amazing view, a good atmosphere and fresh air, a rich program for all generations will briefly take away all your problems. That’s why we invite you to visit the grass roof of Galerija Belgrade this fall, so that we may, together, enjoy the beautiful view of the confluence of the rivers Sava and Danube and the starry Belgrade sky.