Vodič kroz pripreme za letovanje: Gde obaviti kupovinu i korisni trikovi za pakovanje

Summer, by definition, leads to adventures, which are preceded by sweet anticipation and outfit planning for the trip, along with inevitable lists of essentials that must find a place in the suitcase. To prevent rushing through packing a day or two before your trip, the basic advice is to start planning ahead of time.


Experienced travellers know that you actually need two lists: one with all the clothes, shoes, cosmetics, and trinkets you'll be packing, and another with all the purchases you need to make before the trip. Here's a little assistance: you can buy trendy clothing, shoes, and some of the essentials that will undoubtedly be on your shopping list, all in one location – the largest shopping mall in the region, Galerija. Make the most of summer sales and get your favourite pieces for great prices. We have also proposed a few helpful packing tips so that you can easily zip up your luggage and be ready to travel to your destination!




It is an unwritten rule that you must purchase at least one new swim suit before going on vacation. Bright colours, retro bikini styles with a high waist, and cut-out features on costumes are all popular this summer. Look for them in Calzedonia, Oysho, and Extreme Intimo stores. Along with stylish swimwear to fit your style and body type, you can also find everything else you need for the beach there, like linen and cotton dresses, kaftans, towels, and beach bags.

Packing tip: To save space, you can pack beach towels in vacuum bags.




Lying on the beach with a book and cocktails is not everyone's definition of a good vacation. If you are preparing for an active summer holiday that includes hiking in the mountains or camping by the lake, be sure to stop by the Outdoor sports and Intersport stores. In these shops, you will find the largest selection of outdoor equipment, including clothing and footwear for hiking, camping, and various types of sports.

Packing tip: Instead of classic folding, try rolling up shirts, dresses, and pants, as they are easier to pack that way.




We are all aware of how much a high-quality bag or suitcase with well-organized compartments and pockets can make packing easier. Perhaps now is the perfect time to make that crucial purchase rather than waiting until your next vacation. In the Piquadro and Shoppito stores, you will find a large selection of suitcases and bags made of the highest quality materials, and you can choose the colour, model, and size according to your needs. Be sure to check out the pouches for documents and money that are worn around the neck or waist - they have proven to be a very practical fashion detail for traveling.

Packing tip: Pack things in your suitcase according to the pyramid principle: bulky and heavy things like shoes and books at the bottom, and cosmetics and documents at the top.




Shampoos, conditioners, creams, sun protection... Cosmetics take up a lot of space in a bag, but we can't go on vacation without them. Bodyshop has everything you need for body care, from shower gels to refreshing mists with the most beautiful summer scents. Aside from your body, don't forget to take care of your hair as well. Hairlovers hairdressing salon offers premium world-known brands that will recover your hair from the effects of daily washing, sunbathing, and chlorinated water in swimming pools.

Packing tip: To reduce space, buy travel mini products of beauty items or transfer them to a smaller container.




Remember that sunglasses serve the fundamental purpose of protecting us from the sun even if we usually select them based on aesthetic factors. Therefore, look for them in Diopta and Sani Optik stores where you can find renowned brands with high-quality glasses and filters that offer sufficient protection from harmful UV radiation.

Packing tip: Use the “babushka principle” when packing to maximize space by, for instance, placing your eyeglasses case in your evening purse and the purse in your carry-on luggage.