Enjoying delicious food and quality drinks is always better when instead of watching TV or looking at our smartphone, we have a view of nature, city streets or the sunset. This kind of dining experience stays with us for a long time because it is also enriched with a visual pleasure. Most people have this kind of experience during vacations or in rare, special occasions, but why wouldn't we feel like we're celebrating something every day? Because we do, we celebrate life!

The gastronomic offer, as well as the fact that all the premises are located in the part of the shopping centre that overlooks the river and the Sava Promenada, is what sets Galerija Belgrade apart from other shopping centres. The food hall, with the most diverse restaurants, cafes and fast food, as well as the most exclusive bars that can be accessed from inside the shopping mall and from the Sava Promenada on the ground floor, is only a small part of that which Galerija has to offer.

The first floor is reserved for regular cafes and restaurants, where you can enjoy coffee with friends or organize a business meeting. The family part is located on the second floor of the Galerija Belgrade, on the spacious terraces and with spectacular interiors where you can try a variety of delicacies of the most famous Belgrade restaurants. The view of the city so breath-taking, that will make you forget about hunger (well, at least for a few seconds), good times, top-quality food and beverages, along with a wide spectrum of content are what makes Galerija Belgrade a place that fulfils all your desires.

Bon appétit!