Fun Time – najveći zabavni park u Srbiji

Play is a child's natural state, the basic activity through which children develop and discover the world around them. That's why Galerija took the concept of children's play and fun very seriously and prepared top fun that they haven't had the chance to experience before!

 Fun Time is an empire of play and fun, a place where everything is measured by the width of your child's smile and the number of joyful exclamations. All those adults who are ready to awaken and nurture the child in them through play are welcome in the same place.


A safe environment for any stunt

Kids by Funtime is part of the amusement park intended for ages 1 to 7, with over 19 different attractions, such as the Double slide and Mini Ninja Warriors, with the help of which your little ones will have fun, but also develop their imagination with magnetic blocks and interactive boards.

 Within it is the Toddler Corner, a small toy empire designed for children up to 4 years old as a perfectly safe environment for their every "stunt".

We have created a special Sand Box corner for little sand fans.


Laser battles for big and little heroes

Fun by Fun Time is part of the amusement park for both children and adults. It is a world-class playground featuring the fastest, tallest, and most enjoyable slides You will find something similar, except in Galerija, only in distant Shanghai. A huge five-story maze made of long, light-up slides will serve as the backdrop for the space mission your little astronauts are embarking on. The shortest slide is 17 meters long!

 Stepping into the role of their favorite secret agent, kids can still have fun in another maze – but this time with lasers. It is a specially designed Laser Maze, located right next to the wall of the cafe, which is made of one-way glass, so you can watch your child on this important "mission" at all times.

 Who has the skills to overcome all the crossed laser obstacles as quickly as an action hero? Test your abilities in the Laser Tag arena for children and adults and try your hand at the most popular combat simulation. Unlike the popular paintball, it is a completely painless game that is equally enjoyed by children and adults. Thanks to top technology, the latest generation equipment and special shooting sound effects, you will easily "jump" into the virtual world of entertainment and the character of your favorite action hero.

To release stress on the trampoline, come to Jump

Once you've experienced the magic of jumping together in the largest park of its kind in the region, which covers more than 900 square meters, Jump by Fun Time will become your must-see entertainment destination in Galerija.

 The games are designed to suit all ages, and instead of a classic theme park or playground for children, Jump can be enjoyed by parents, teenagers, work colleagues and all those who love adventure and adrenaline.

 One of the segments of the Jump arena is the so-called Dodge Ball, a separate part in which there are six longer trampolines with a sloping end. In this area, visitors will be able to play "between two fires", volleyball or one of the popular ball games on trampolines and thus experience these well-known games in a completely new way. It is important to emphasize that "falling out of the race" will not be uncomfortable, because instead of falling to the floor, the participants fall into a colorful pool of balls.

 Also on offer is Cage Ball, a game in which two jumpers are in a cage and challenge each other and try to throw the ball into the space that the opponent is defending.

 One of the most popular attractions is the Foam Pit – a pit with spongy cubes, and for true adrenaline junkies there is a Boulder Wall for climbing. Balance Beam is a game for two players who fight on a beam using sponge rollers with grips, with the goal of knocking the opponent off the beam. The winner is the one who doesn't fall into the sponge pool!

 Let the child in you step into the world of fun! Join the kids after a successful shopping trip in the most exciting adventure, at the place where the best childhood memories were made.

 And if you have an urgent business meeting during your stay at the playroom, and you have nowhere to leave your child, don't worry – we have a solution for you. Namely, all children over the age of three can stay in the playroom while mom and dad finish their chores.

 Moreover, you can host a private birthday party anywhere in any area of the Fun Time amusement park! Rent out the entire place for a one-of-a-kind experience that your child will remember for the rest of his or her life.

Povezane radnje

Jump by Fun Time

Uz Jump, koji se nalazi u tržnom centru Galerija Belgrade, ljubitelji trambolina parkova će moći da uživaju na način koji do sada nije viđen u ovom delu Evrope.

Fun by Fun Time

Fun je igraonica svetskog kalibra. Nešto slično, osim u Galeriji, pronaći ćete tek u dalekom Šangaju. Ovaj deo zabavnog parka namenjen je deci i odraslima. Pronađite izlaz iz četvorospratnog lavirinta i pomoću konopaca i lijana stignite do najviših tobogana na Balkanu. Oprobajte se sa svojom ekipom u najpopularnijoj simulaciji borbe, Laser Tag areni ili pružite sebi i mališanima nezaboravan provod.

Kids by Fun Time

Kids je deo zabavnog parka namenjen za uzrast od 0 do 7 godina sa preko 19 različitih atrakcija od kojih su neke Double tobogan, Mini Ninja Warriors, uz pomoć kojih će se vaši mališani zabaviti, ali i razvijati maštu.