Food hall - Istraži najraznovrsniju fast food ponudu u gradu

Good shopping can make you really hungry! So head to the food hall on the second floor of the Galerija and you’ll find the most diverse fast food options. Nowhere else in the city will you see such a varied offer of fast food – go and choose between Mexican, Greek or Asian cuisine.

If you favor burgers, opt for McDonald's or Brt Burger. Fans of another fast-food classic will love Hot Dog Factory - a new domestic brand inspired by American hot dogs but with an innovative take on cooking and toppings for this legendary snack.

What is the best place to take your crew to after the cinema? You should try burritos in Burrito Madre or go to Amigos, where you’ll find chicken wings prepared in a million different ways. If you have a sweet tooth, go for the unrivaled Lure pancakes and other sweets!

You can’t agree with friends on food choice? The problem is solved if you drop by Porkito. Besides American burgers and local specialties, this place serves the most delicious chopped pork.

Follow the spice that smells of the sea and you will unmistakably find juicy gyros and souvlaki in Richard Gyros and Mr. Greek restaurants. Hedonistic journey across Asia begins with any dish from the Pad Thai menu. If you are not in the mood for handling sticks, why not taste some pancakes or waffles from the mouth-watering menu of Njegoš Creperie.

No one can imagine fast food without sandwiches and pizza. Find out where Korizza Slaninica is made and be prepared to forget all the other pizzerias in town. The crunchiest chicken is waiting for you in the Krispy Chicken restaurant, and with the new Love sandwich concept by Ivana Korab, even the “fastest” snack becomes an exciting gastronomic experience.

If your new jeans beg for a tinier waist, don't worry! We have something in stock for hedonists who prefer healthy food. Just look for Juicy Lucy squeezed juices, smoothies, sandwiches and desserts.

However, you’d better not come if you are on diet, because there are too many temptations. Otherwise, get ready to enjoy food and drinks with all senses and bring your crew, of course, because Galerija has the best fast food in town.