Pet modnih trendova koji će obeležiti sezonu proleće/leto

Spring has arrived in a big way and with it the eternal dilemma of how to refresh the wardrobe most effectively and with as little money as possible. At Galerija, the excitement is already "in the air" ahead of the traditional Shopping Festival, which will be held from April 11 to 14. Do not miss to visit us during that period and find trendy pieces with fantastic discounts of up to 50%.

You can see the entire list of discounts in individual stores in the Galerija app and the Offers section on the website. For this occasion, we have also prepared a short style guide to make your shopping as effective as possible.

Here is a short brief of the top five fashion trends that will mark the season ahead.

 Wide legs trousers

This spring, the shop windows, and the streets were flooded with these pants, and there is a big chance that it will be the same in the coming seasons. You will certainly find the most diverse offer in the city at Galerija, so start looking for a model that fits you perfectly immediately, because it is a piece that is more versatile than even your favorite pair of jeans. They are very easy to style – they can be worn on casual and formal occasions. They go well with a jacket and heels, while in a more casual version, they are nicely combined with sneakers, t-shirts, and crop tops.

Sneakers in all variants

Comfortable and practical, sneakers have long ceased to be limited to sports outfits. The legendary Adidas Samba is also worn this season, and the same goes for the Converse All-Stars. Popular "stars" have survived passing trends and continue to be actual thanks to new, original models. Colored sneakers are also worn, as well as bulky models.


Good jeans are the basis of a wardrobe and the clothing item that we most often reach for when we have no idea what to wear. Fortunately, in recent years we have experienced a real boom in styles. Wide legs and bell-shaped cuts are back in a big way this season. The advantage of these models is that they fit any body shape and are easy to style. With a white shirt and moccasins or an oversized jacket and heels – they are always a good fashion choice. Mid-length denim skirts are equally practical for warm days, which are another big hit for the upcoming season.

White dress

We won't tell you to forget about the little black dress – it remains a fashion classic – but this summer the absolute trend is the little white dress. It is a favorite for its flexibility, and if chosen carefully, also for its comfort. When it comes to white dresses, there are no strict rules – they're available in a variety of styles and a wide variety of lightweight materials, so it's possible to find the perfect dress, no matter what style you prefer. And you don't have to limit yourself to the mini length. Long A-line dresses are also worn, flowing in boho style, with applications in the shape of roses...

Metallic shine

Metallic colors were the top choice last year, and we see that trend continuing in 2024. And while silver is trying to take over the primacy, gold continues to enchant with its luxury. However, if you decide to go for gold, make sure not to overdo it. One idea is balancing with neutral tones. Combine it with white, beige, black, or gray.

From urban street style to sophisticated pieces for special occasions, Galerija is a destination for all your fashion needs. Here you will find both classics and the latest trends at a fantastic discount of up to 50%, which is why the Shopping Festival is an opportunity not to be missed.

And those are not all the benefits. If you open an account at UniCredit bank these days, you will automatically receive a purchase code of RSD 3,000. You can get information about how you can get up to 150,000 points in the Galerija app this way at the bank's stand during the Shopping Festival or on their official website.

Hence, make sure to download the Galerija app on your phone and scan receipts after each purchase. That way you get your money back, and get an invitation to special events like this one. You can convert collected points into an e-voucher and reduce the bill during your next purchase in more than 300 stores and restaurants, a cinema, or an entertainment center.

Visitors can park free of charge in the underground garage, as well as in the semi-open, outdoor garage towards the Gazela bridge for up to 3 hours, and Galerija's working hours are every day from 10 AM to 10 PM.