Uživajte u kupovini zajedno sa ljubimcem

Remember those days when already determined to go for a long-planned shopping you have been struck at your doorstep by two eyes of your pet which is waving playfully its tail in your direction? Does that make you instantly reconsider all your previous plans? Isn’t Puppy eyes technique a well proven means we tend to use each time when trying to get from someone the very thing we want? Nothing softens our hearts so gently as our four-legged friends. Even though we are moved by that glimpse full of hope they won’t be left at home alone, sometimes it is the only thing we can do.

This is why Galerija Belgrade has opened its spacious streets and squares for all pets, so that you and your dog have a chance to stroll together through the biggest shopping mall in the Balkans. A day spent in search for the latest garments takes on a complete new dimension when you are in company of that fluffy ball you don’t want to be separated from.

However, Galerija Belgrade is not a place where only you can renew your wardrobe. Don’t be surprised if your little friend drags you right towards the Market Street – where in the Premium Pet store our best friends will find their happy spot. This very brand has been dedicated to improving the co-existence of pets and humans for years. Premium Pet store offers a range of sweets, clothes and toys for all types of pets. Like us, the pets have good taste and recognize a place where they can find snacks, fun and food specifically intended for them.

Your pet is ready for shopping. How about you?

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