On the bank of the Sava River, between the Gazela and the Sava Bridge, looking out at the river and drinking your first morning coffee, you realize that there is no better view than the current one. Passing through Galerija Street, you see playful dresses of models who do their best to evoke the magnificence they feel on the catwalk. You reach Trend Square on Belgrade Avenue, and then rush down Market Street in search of new goodies. Sava Avenue takes you to Sava Square, where you and your friends enjoy your favorite meal with a magnificent view. At the end of the day, you decide to go to the largest cinema in town, after which you go home, happy and pleased with your perfect day.

Sounds like a fairytale? Well, it’s not. Introducing - Galerija Belgrade!

The largest shopping, entertainment, and dining centre in the region, Galerija Belgrade, lies on the bank of the river Sava, providing an incredible view. More than 300 domestic and foreign brands present themselves in their premium editions, and Galerija expands its diverse offer with various restaurants, cafes and unique entertainment facilities for all generations, which certainly positions it as one of the most attractive destinations for people, both in Serbia and in region.

Imbued with the urban and modern style of Belgrade, combined with the irresistible old street charm, spacious squares and interior facades made of stone and brick, Galerija Belgrade exudes the spirit of Belgrade. As you walk its streests, you won’t even notice that you have stepped into the part of the city with the best entertainment – the pavement seamlessly „flows“ from the promenade into the shopping centre. The impression that Galerija and the city are unbreakably embraced is enhanced by the design of the street lighting and the benches, which is harmonized with the architectural style of each street. The largest green roof in the region is situated at the top. It is intended for relaxation, walk and recreation. Another thing that separates Galerija from other shopping malls is the unique ETFE dome, one of the largest in Europe. It will illuminate visitors with daylight from morning until sunset. It is interesting that the same material was used for the famous Allianz Arena in Munich.

In addition to all the exclusive services and content that Galerija Belgrade offers, the thing that the media and fellow citizens are talking about is its size. How big is Galerija Belgrade?

It is the largest shopping center in Serbia with an incredible 300,000 square meters of used space. To paint a picture explaining its size - it is almost four times the size of Buckingham Palace. If it were located in Monaco, it would occupy 1/6 of its area, and a space of this size can accommodate up to 50 White Houses, as well as 600 basketball and about 1000 tennis courts.

Sounds good? See you at Galerija Belgrade!