Designers District – za autentični modni izraz

Being yourself and being different – that's the goal that people of style strive for and that uniqueness is always noticed, among other things, in the choice of wardrobe, attitude, as well as the way they wear certain items of clothing. If you belong to a group of people who try to emphasize their individuality in this way, you are surely in constant search for special pieces that will give your clothes a personal touch.

Designers District on the first floor of Galerija is a true oasis for fashion lovers, where you can find unique and marked models that will satisfy your sophisticated taste in one place. All exposed clothing items represent the authentic expression of designers from Serbia – both established and less known – who will perhaps become your soul mate when it comes to fashion.


The design district concept exists in all major metropolises and is a great way for people from other countries to get to know designer fashion and design that carries the "Made in Serbia" label. Therefore, be sure to bring guests from abroad who are art lovers here perhaps one of these designer models will be the most beautiful souvenir they will take back from Belgrade.

How the domestic fashion scene pulsates can best be felt in a vibrant walk between the individual stands that are located in an area of 1,600 square meters. In the Designers District, the collections of almost 30 fashion designers from Serbia are exhibited, and each one is authentic, with a recognizable author's stamp. Among the renowned designers, already well-known names such as Bata Spasojevic, Zvonko Markovic, Marija Sindjelic, Nina Rajak, Budislava stand out, as well as established brands Lavani, Love Marine, Mojo, L'amour and many others.


The offer includes women's and men's clothing, shoes, children's clothes, jewelry and wedding collections. Future brides can find extravagant and unique examples of wedding dresses, and some of the designers who sign them are Mirna Nadj, Jovana Petkovic, Lepa and Mione. In the assortment intended for the youngest, you will find brands such as Mary Fairy, The Shyguy & Little Philosophers and TMV kids. In the same place, you will also notice interesting details that will enrich your living space, such as stylish furniture, the refined production of which is in charge of well-known brands such as Klassisk and Mo Premiere. For people of style, who are open-minded to new ideas and adopting modern living concepts, this corner is a source of inexhaustible inspiration.


Some designers exhibit exclusive models made for the needs of the show only in the Designers District. You are lucky if you fit into model sizes, because these are very special and unique works. Others display entire collections that are frequently renewed or filled, which is all the more reason to make this place your regular fashion stop on your walk through Galerija. You never know when your dream dress, shoes or coat will appear.

The friendly staff will do their best to help you find exactly what you are looking for. If a model you like is not the right size, corrections and finishing are possible, and if there is no suitable size, it will be tailored exactly to your measurements.


In this fashion empire, you can often grab a timeless clothing item with an author's signature at a discount that will not be fashionable for just one season and that you will always be happy to return to.

Find models in which you will be noticed, both in everyday situations and on special occasions. Even when you're not planning to shop, take a walk through the Designers District, which is open every day from 10 AM to 10 PM, and feel the creative energy of urban Belgrade.

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