Bioskopska revolucija stiže u Beograd!

If we were to play a game of associations, the words "silver screen" "movie" "enjoyment" and "popcorn" would surely lead us to one single  conclusion - cinema! When we think of cinemas, we can automatically feel the taste of salty popcorn or nachos with cheese, as well as refreshing beverages. Going to the cinema is a time when we want to relax as much as possible and put ourselves in the shoes of the main character of our favorite movie. In order to complete your experience, it’s important that you are sitting in a comfortable seat, that the screen is large enough and the sound is of the highest quality.

Unforgettable fun, unique seats, the largest screen you have ever watched a movie on, bypassing huge queues and watching a movie with the latest technology sounds like something from the future, and that future has just arrived in Belgrade – Cineplexx Galerija Belgrade!

What distinguishes this cinema from others in Serbia?

At the moment two, and in the next phase as much as nine halls will available to visitors. At the same time, Cineplexx Galerija Belgrade will present the unique IMAX® technology that elevates the cinema experience to the highest level possible. Three halls will be equipped with Real D Ultimate screens for a flawless picture, as well as ATMOS sound technology that provides an enchanting, multidimensional sound experience, while in the other halls you will be able to immerse yourself in the fantastic JBL Sound Performance sound.

Cineplexx Galerija Belgrade covers as much as 4,000 square meters and has more than 1,700 seats that meet the needs of even the most demanding backs! Another piece of fantastic news is that we no longer have to call in advance to reserve a seat from which the film can be seen better - each seat is positioned so that there is no bad view of the screen. That means only one thing - every seat is the best seat. Huge crowds at the ticket counters will be a thing of the past, because Cineplexx will be the only cinema in Serbia where you can buy tickets through special vending machines!

And that's not all. Can you imagine looking along and across two tennis courts? Well, the screen of the Cineplexx Galerija Belgrade cinema is exactly that size! As the largest in the region, this screen delivers a superb image via the latest IMAX® camera and film format.

However, all the technological advantages don’t matter if the seats aren’t comfortable. That is why special attention is paid to this segment. Seats designed for a new dimension of enjoyment are divided into several categories. For couples in love, who came to complete their romantic evening by watching a movie, there are loveboxes and love seats. Comfortable sofas are an ideal choice for the end of a hard working day and the quality "me time" that we all need. There are also VIP deluxe electronic seats for the biggest film lovers, who want to have the best seats while enjoying the achievements of the seventh art.

The future of entertainment arrives to Galerija Belgrade and therefore, plan to grab your popcorn box and indulge yourself in the magic of the silver screen on an unprecedented level!

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