Predstavljamo neverovatnu Cosmo Play igraonicu!

As children, we all had that one place we would go to if we wanted a whole day of playing - and those are the places we remember to this day. Those were the places that piqued our imagination and inspired us to spend our childhood as carefree as possible. Being aware of the role that playing games has in children's lives, Galerija Belgrade takes the concept of children's entertainment very seriously, and has prepared top-notch entertainment unlike they have ever experienced before!


Cosmo Play is a world-class playroom that, apart from in Galerija, exists only in Shanghai. This realm of entertainment serves as an inexhaustible source of happiness, a safe spot where the youngest ones can spend their best days, but also a place where they can fulfill the most important duty of a child - to have fun. By purchasing a ticket, you will provide the child with unlimited period of fun in the Cosmo Play, whereas the number of children is limited for their safety and amazing experience.


So, what does this playroom offer?


A huge labyrinth of as many as five floors, made of long, glowing slides, will surely make your child feel like they were in a spaceship, right on his or her way to an unknown galaxy. The long slides, of which the shortest is as long as 17 meters, will surely help the imagination flow. With the help of its light effects, this unusual labyrinth will surely be remembered as an endless source of entertainment.


While taking on the role of their favorite secret agent, kids can further encounter another labyrinth - but this time, one with lasers. The labyrinth will challenge them to find their way to the exit and get one step closer to their destination by avoiding the laser beams. We are talking about a specially designed Laser Maze that is located right next to the cafe wall, made of two-way glass, so you can watch your children on their important "mission" at any time. The mission continues by entering the most modern Laser Tag arena, which will show children the importance of team spirit, but also accelerate the development of strategic thinking. This special arena is designed to give everyone who enters an unforgettable experience with its sound and light effects, which will surely be the main topic of conversations during time in school.


Тwo Party corners, one for preschoolers and another for those a few years older, will provide children with inexhaustible amounts of fun and it will be a location for hanging out with their peers.


If during your stay in the playroom you suddenly have an urgent business meeting at the other end of Galerija, or the coupon you have been so excited about is about to expire and you have nowhere to leave your child, do not worry - we have a solution for you. All children over the age of three can stay in the playroom while mom and dad finish their duties, and the playroom’s friendly and professional staff will make sure to contact you if necessary. So, what are you waiting for? Join us in at Cosmo Play and treat your child to a fun time to remember!

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