Nova dimenzija filma u Galeriji Belgrade

Cineplexx donosi revolucionarnu IMAX® tehnologiju na domaće tržište

The first movie screening for Belgrade audience was held at the end of the 19th century in the "Golden Cross" cinema. Cinematography has come a long and exciting way since then, and the culmination of movie technology has been presented this spring to visitors of the most modern Cineplexx cinema in Galerija Belgrade, introducing them to the IMAX® world.


IMAX® is the most advanced cinema technology, which includes a patented new generation laser projector and a specially designed sound system. The impressive technical characteristics of this system, however, remain in the background from the very moment when the first scenes of a blockbuster are shown on a screen the size of two tennis courts. The picture is crystal clear and perfectly sharp, the color spectrum is bigger than ever before, and the powerful sound that spreads evenly through the cinema will seduce you so that you think you are a part of the exciting scenes. The emphasized contrast contributes to the vividness and depth of the picture, while each sound effect is brought to perfection. The magic of IMAX® technology is further enhanced by the stadium seat layout, where each seat provides an ideal viewing angle. All movies that the audience will be able to watch in the IMAX® hall of Cineplexx Galerija Belgrade are adapted to the new system.


Just as Galerija Belgrade brings a new dimension of shopping and entertainment, so the simple movie night at Cineplexx Galerija Belgrade turns into a pastime to be remembered and an event you will talk about. Although you will leave the cinema fascinated, don’t forget to scan your receipt for the purchased cinema ticket through the unique Galerija Belgrade application. You can redeem the collected points for a voucher for shopping in the biggest local shopping mall. After a spectacular IMAX® experience, it is very likely that you will use the voucher for a new, revolutionary cinema adventure at Cineplexx Galerija Belgrade.

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