Spisak za letovanje

Sve što vam treba na jednom mestu

Preparation for a vacation always comes with excitement and slight anxiety to not forget to bring some important things with you. Here is a list of items that should be in your suitcase, divided by categories, to make packing easy and worry-free.

Documents and money

- Personal documents (passport, identity card)

- Airline or other tickets

- Travel Insurance

- Money

- Pay cards

- Driver's license (if you plan to go on vacation with your car or to rent it)

Clothing and footwear

- Underwear, socks

- Tops: t-shirts, shirts

- Bottoms: shorts, pants, skirts

- Dresses

- Jacket or sweater (for colder evenings)

- Pajamas

- Swimming suit

- A cap or sun hat

- Slippers, sandals, sneakers, shoes

- Beach clothes


- Toothbrush and toothpaste

- Shampoo and conditioner

- Shower Gel

- Deodorant

- Tanning cream

- Body milk

- Face cream

- Shaver or depilator

- Perfume

- Comb or hairbrush

- Ear sticks, wet wipes

- Sanitary pads, tampons (for women)

Travel pharmacy

- Medicines and supplements you use regularly

- Probiotic

- Thermometer

- Antipyretic drugs

- Burn salve

- Band-aids

- Antibacterial spray

- Allergy medicine and gel

- Insect repellents

Electronic devices and accessories

- Mobile phone with charger

- Laptop with charger (if you plan to watch movies or work on it)

- Socket adapter (if required)

- External battery

- Headphones

Fashion and other accessories

- Sunglasses

- Beach towels

- Beach bag, going out bag

- Jewelry

- Travel pillow

- Plastic bags or bags for dirty clothes

For fun and leisure

- Books or magazines

- Cards and other board games

- Notepad for notes

Of course, you can adapt this list to your specific needs and the destination you are traveling to. It is always useful to do the necessary shopping a few days before the trip, and everything you need can be found in one place – Galerija, the largest shopping center in Serbia and the region, which offers the widest selection of the items mentioned above.