Отпутујте на скијање у центру Београда!

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Galerija Belgrade

The year behind us has brought about a lot of changes, and one of the things we’ve had to give up was travel. If you are not travelling to one of your favorite destinations for skiing and vacation this winter, there is a solution and it is very close!

Galerija Belgrade allows ski lovers to enjoy this fun sport with the help of a ski simulator at Sava Promenada. Experience an unforgettable ski adventure with a view of the river, every day except the Monday, from noon to 5 pm. For beginners or those less skilled on the slope, there is an instructor who will introduce you to the basics of this sport, while experienced skiers will master new, advanced techniques with the help of professionals.

In order to be among those who will acquire new skills or improve the existing ones this winter, it is enough to download Galerija Belgrade mobile app and become a member of “Moj Beograd” loyalty program. In this way, you get 15 minutes of free skiing every day, and if you have already progressed through the tiers, the skiing time is extended.

Embark on your ski adventure in Galerija Belgrade!