Opremi se za leto u Galeriji sa Ivom Jeremić

Leto je konačno stiglo i vreme je da obogatimo naše garderobere novim letnjim kombinacijama.

Summer has finally arrived, and it’s time to update my wardrobe with new summer outfits. Since I also need many accessories to enjoy the warmest season, I went to where I could find everything in one place – Galerija, the largest shopping center in Serbia and the region. I also invite you to visit it, and I'll help you shine wherever you go.

I couldn't help but notice the beautiful light blue shirts that are all the rage this season. What's great is that they can be styled in many different ways. I found a perfect one at H&M and was able to complete the whole outfit at the same store. I picked out white shorts and a white strapless one-piece swimsuit that can also be worn as a top for strolls around the city.

I further enhanced the delicate blue and white combination with carefully selected details: a raffia belt, a wide-brimmed hat in the same tone, a white chunky necklace, and a bag in marine tones. For this combination, perfect for a seaside stroll or casual city outings, I picked modern white sandals with straps.

The unwritten rule for summer is to purchase at least one dress that can be worn for different occasions. I discovered the widest range of options at People Boutique and spent extra time there because choosing just one was not easy. Ultimately, I narrowed down my options to three irresistible summer dresses: two mini dresses and one longer dress with ruffles.

And now, how can you go to the sea without new swimsuits? It's hard, especially if you stop by Calzedonia in Galerija, where you're sure to "fall" for several new models. This summer, there are many ways to stay in trend: pastel colors, materials with unusual textures, and unexpected cuts are in. The metallic trend has carried over from winter to summer, so even swimsuits shine for those who like to attract attention.

Every summer outfit should be paired with a great set of sunglasses to shield your eyes from UV rays and add a hint of style. When it comes to finding high-quality sunglasses, look no further than Optiplaza. I tried on some of my favorites from the Loewe collection, and other fashion brands such as Chanel, Dior, Givenchy, and Guess also grabbed my attention.

When it comes to footwear, comfort is key for long summer days and nights. I had different daytime and evening options in mind, so just in case, I chose two pairs: nude rhinestone sandals with high heels and one pair of daytime sandals with studs for relaxed outings, both from Steve Madden.

My preparations for the new season are complete, and I've managed to find everything I need without having to tour the whole city. I hope my suggestions will help you make your decisions easier because I know how difficult it can be to make a choice. So, grab your list and head straight to Galerija.

Finally, I’ll discover you a little secret: Summer sales are starting soon, so now is the perfect time to visit your favorite stores and grab your favorites at great prices.