Cosmo Fun: Carstvo igre, zabave i avantura za pamćenje

Once you experience the charms of jumping together in the center of the biggest trampoline you can imagine, and with the eyes and heart of your little ones experience a maze of slides you never dreamed of - Cosmo Fun will become, for you and them, an unmissable entertainment destination in the Galerija.


The most attractive destination for shopping and entertainment at any time offers you the opportunity to turn shopping into an unprecedented all-day adventure for the whole family. Take a peek at Cosmo Fun, the realm of play and fun, a place where everything is measured by the width of your little one's smile and the number of happy exclamations.


A huge four-story maze as high as 12 meters, made of long, light-up stainless-steel slides, will serve as the scenery for the space mission your little astronauts are embarking on! An exciting mix of slides, the shortest of which is as long as 17 meters - will be the topic of their stories with their peers for days.


The little ones can't wait to discover the Laser Maze labyrinth, where like real secret agents they will skillfully clear the way to the goal, avoiding laser obstacles, while you can enjoy their game and participate in your way - watching them through the one-way glass of the cafe wall. Cheer them on through all the challenges, without disturbing their fantasy world, and take advantage of the moments to relax.


We advise you to visit the Laser Tag arena for children and adults and try your hand at the most popular combat simulation. Unlike popular paintball, it is a completely painless game that is equally enjoyed by children and adults. Thanks to top technology, the latest generation equipment, and special shooting sound effects, you will easily "jump" into the virtual world of entertainment and the character of your favorite action hero.


For "big" visitors up to four years of age, Cosmo Fun has prepared the Toddler Corner, a small kingdom of toys where they can step into and explore a new entertainment concept designed especially for them. Thanks to the most modern design and functional solutions, Toddler Corner represents a perfectly safe environment for your little ones to play and grow up, at any time, with each of their "stunts".


The endless list of possibilities for pastime becomes even longer with the opening of Cosmo Fun - a playhouse that meets the highest world standards for the construction of entertainment center, the scale, and contents of which can be compared to only one in distant Shanghai!


Let the child in you step into the world of fun, surrounded by the imagination and excitement of your youngest! Join them after a successful shopping trip on the most exciting adventure, at the place where the best childhood memories were made.

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