Galerija Belgrade gives all the citizens of Belgrade and the inhabitants of Serbia a place of the future, but they also thought of foreign guests. During their stay in the capital, foreigners who visit Serbia with the desire to have a good time, eat delicious food and experience the spirit of Serbia, will no longer have to worry about VAT refunds when leaving the country. They can do it at Galerija!


In cooperation with the company Global Blue, Galerija Belgrade has formed a new Early VAT refund system, the only such system in Serbia, which will greatly facilitate the stay of foreigners in our country. All tourists who have decided to spend their time in Galerija Belgrade have the opportunity to refund their VAT directly at Galerija, after a full day of shopping and spending great time with friends. This way, they will have more time for shopping and enjoying the most exclusive content, eliminating the possibility of rushing at the airport or waiting at the border crossing. Because, after such a fantastic vacation, who wants to deal with that? Early VAT refund will further enhance your stay in Belgrade.


Galerija will continue to work on innovative and creative ideas in the future, which will set Belgrade apart from other cities in the Balkans and mark it as one of the inevitable European destinations.